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PNEUSCAN Telematik Award 2017

PNEUSCAN nominated for Telematics Award 2017

23.08.2017 | VENTECH Systems GmbH is among the 20 nominees for the internationally renowned Telematics Award. The award recognizes outstanding technology development and solutions.

During a three-month application phase, over 120 valid entries were submitted for the prestigious award. Only 20 applications were nominated. As a nominated company, VENTECH Systems GmbH is now in a position to hope for the coveted Telematics Award 2017.

The award, as well as a nomination, provides proof of the telematics solution offered combined with the provider’s top-rated customer service, support, and data security.

An independent jury of scientists, industry experts, specialist journalists and users judged the applications and selected the nominees. With PNEUSCAN, an automated tire inspection process, VENTECH Systems is the first to provide users that ability to improve vehicle and fleet safety, reduce fuel and tire use, and support the move to a more resource efficient and environmentally friendly world.

PNEUSCAN helps optimize fleet management processes, improve tire maintenance and at the same time increase driver safety. PNEUSCAN also contributes to extending tire life, optimizing fuel consumption and reducing CO2 emissions. Vehicle fleet operators, car dealers, truck, bus and car drivers, and the environment can all benefit.

VENTECH Systems has become a valuable system partner with its quality focus, sound experience and enormous potential for innovation and technology.

Telematics Award Value

The internationally renowned Telematics Award is being issued independently targeting technology development in the areas of vehicle and human telematics.

The quality of the Telematics Award is guaranteed by the competence of the organizer, its partners, and the experienced jury - the latter ensures high-quality evaluation with its composition of scientists, industry experts, specialist journalists and users. All submissions to the Telematics Award are independently examined by these jurors.

The Telematics Award is one of the most important and prestigious events in telematics market, not only for the providers but also for the users. The award targets good ideas implemented by capable entrepreneurs and dedicated employees, who develop solutions with a strong focus on their customers’ needs. Innovative telematics solutions and impressive application areas are some of the building blocks that can lead to the coveted Telematics Award.

Every year the jury of Telematics Award is confronted with a large number of innovative solutions. The ambition of the developers is to constantly creating new ideas for unimagined fields of application. This year the jury was faced with the difficult task of finding the best solutions from a large pool of application submissions. In this process, it once again became apparent: digitization applications appear to be limitless and the developer spirit remains uninterrupted.

We are extremely pleased to offer the Telematics Award to recognize the pioneering work of this exciting industry and to provide a public stage for the best solutions.

Peter Klischewsky, Editor in Chief, Media Group