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News PNEUSCAN - More than just a tirecheck

PNEUSCAN - More than just a Tire Check

16.06.2017 | PNEUSCAN is more than just a convenient way to check your tires.

For example, with PNEUSCAN DAT database management, the fleet administrator is able to offer different levels of access to different people and groups within the company. Here are some of the benefits from PNEUSCAN’s database system that you may not know about, from the perspective of some important people dealing directly or indirectly with tire management operations:

For your Fleet Manager – The PNEUSCAN system not only checks your tires; it provides an up-to-date snap shot of every one of your vehicles on a daily basis. It provides you with a complete database of information on every tire and every vehicle, optimising your maintenance program, and giving you the best out of your tire life and vehicle life.

For your Tire Supplier - In conjunction with your fleet manager, PNEUSCAN gives you the ability to monitor tire requirements remotely and immediately. You will receive up to the minute information about the needs of every vehicle in your customer’s fleet, from the comfort of your own office. This will not only increase your productivity, but save you time as well.

For your Accountant/Head Office – At the end of the day, costs and savings are a large part of any business. PNEUSCAN not only saves you money on reactive maintenance: it reduces breakdowns and fuel consumption; lowers your carbon emissions; increases your tire life and improves durability.

For your Drivers – An essential aspect of the PNEUSCAN system is its focus on safety for not only your drivers, but the public as well. Proactive tire maintenance means that the healthier your tires, the healthier your vehicle. With PNEUSCAN, on-road breakdowns are inevitably reduced.

PNEUSCAN your tires!