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PNEUSCAN e-mail-notification

New tool for improved tire management

19.10.2017 | PNEUSCAN now offers a new, efficient tool providing automatic notification functionality.

PNEUSCAN has always been used by companies that that accept responsibility - responsibility for the condition of their tires; responsibility for the economic efficiency of their fleet; and responsibility for the safety of drivers and road users.To help make this responsibility easier to implement, PNEUSCAN is introducing a new, efficient tool providing an automatic e-mail notification functionality.

Within seconds, tire inspection information is transmitted directly to where it is needed for fast action and informed decisions. Information on critical tire status and eReporting is e-mailed to selected company personnel, such as fleet managers, workshop managers and managing directors  quickly and conveniently. With this e-mail notification, different working levels now receive proactive and relevant information about the tire conditions of the vehicle and fleet and can react accordingly.

"We are pursuing the goal that the information about a critical tire condition is not getting lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With the alarm function via the e-mail notification, we support the responsible persons. In addition, the feature generates daily, weekly and / or monthly usage reports, which, for example, provide information on the type and number of flat tires and the total number of crossings. As a result, tire management can be further optimized."

Julian Rosenau, Sales Manager, VENTECH Systems GmbH

The alert function.
If the PNEUSCAN tire monitoring system detects a critical tire condition or even tire damage, the system will immediately send a message to the responsible individual by e-mail. With the advent of reception on mobile devices, it provides data regardless of time and location. This push function, in particular, makes fleet tire information immediately transparent and enables faster response times. It helps minimize potential hazards, tire wear and costs.

eReporting functionality.
In addition to the alert function, a comprehensive eReporting mode is also made available to fleet and tire managers and managing directors. With this feature, eReports recorded in defined time periods can now not only be called up within PNEUSCAN DAT, but are now also available on a mobile basis via e-mail and in freely configurable time intervals (e. g. monthly, weekly or daily).

With its eReporting and alert functionality, e-mail notification, as an expansion of the PNEUSCAN DAT module now offers two valuable new elements for efficient and sustainable fleet management.