World Market Leader


VENTECH Systems GmbH with its headquarters in Dorsten, Germany, is the world market leader in the field of stationary tire inspection system. Having been distinguished with various innovation and business awards, VENTECH Systems continues to develop and distribute diagnostic systems for the automated inspection of tires. Quality, sound experience and high innovation as well as technological potential have made VENTECH Systems your valuable partner in this field. 

For a decade, PNEUSCAN has been the core of it all. We have been developing, producing and installing our tire inspection system locally and internationally with premium quality components manufactured with German expertise. The unique system warns about incorrect tire pressure and insufficient tread depth. Furthermore, it detects irregular tire tread wear patterns and determines axle load and vehicle gross weight.

The system has been in use as service and maintenance application for e. g. freight forwarders, car dealers, tire dealers, service centers, public and private bus companies as well as in fleet management – whilst also being able to be integrated to meet the clients unique process requirements, simply!


What keeps us on the move is to reach maximum customer benefit and to provide innovative solutions for road safety. We provide automated and systematic tire inspection processes that pay off right from the start.

Andreas Pietsch, Business Manager, VENTECH Systems GmbH

PNEUSCAN’s modular tire inspection system has been successfully introduced in numerous markets. Many renowned companies in various industrial fields have been relying on PNEUSCAN’s stationary tire inspection system for years, to increase profitability and safety.

These cost-effective solutions allow our customers to optimize processes, improve tire maintenance and at the same time enhance driving safety. Moreover, PNEUSCAN extends tire lifetime, optimizes fuel consumption and reduces CO2 emissions. Freight forwarders, car dealers, as well as truck, bus and car drivers – and as a result, the environment and society therefore benefit from this.

PNEUSCAN your tires!