Jahre und Events: 
2018 * 10 Years PNEUSCAN in use * VENTECH Systems nominated for the German Brand Award 2018 * Qualified member of the “TOPLIST of Telematics 2018” 2017 * Substantial product portfolio expansion regarding accessories and software features * Qualified member of the “TOPLIST of Telematics 2017” * PNEUSCAN nominated for Telematics Award 2017 * Awarded with the "TOP COMPANY" and "OPEN COMPANY" seal of approval by Germany's largest employer ranking platform 2016 * Introduction of tire inspection system PNEUSCAN ONGROUND * Introduction of axle load and total vehicle weight check PNEUSCAN LOAD 2015 * Entering the Latin American Market * Industry Award 2015 - PNEUSCAN belongs to the best 2014 * busplaner "Innovation Award" 2013 * Market Entry Australia 2012 * Winning the Dutch Rijkswaterstaat Funding Project 2011 * Introduction of data management system PNEUSCAN DAT * Awarded the RWE Climate Protection Prize 2010 * Start of the European Expansion * Introduction of vehicle identification PNEUSCAN ID 2009 * Market Entry USA * Introduction of tread depth check PNEUSCAN PRO 2008 * First heavyload system * Winning the Tire Innovation Award * Market Entry Germany and Austria 2006 * Introduction of the stationary tire pressure monitoring system PNEUSCAN ATM

Innovation and growth. Consistency and change.

Milestones define stages and progress. The dynamism of the economy, the industries and the environment in which we are at home confront us, like every company, with the challenge of a constant further development of our structures, processes and activities. We see our growth not only as a quantitative development (more turnover, more customers), but also as a qualitative development (sustainable turnover, satisfied customers).