Visions, innovations and responsibility: all that ensures the well-being of our society is made by man.

Road safety is neither a niche nor a market, but a concern for society as a whole, with political determination and the highest priority. VENTECH Systems GmbH supports this determination by pioneering developments through automated analysis of tire conditions.


At the beginning, mainly technology enthusiasts showed interest for the PNEUSCAN stationary tire inspection system.

Andreas Pietsch, Business Manager, VENTECH Systems GmbH

What was considered in the past as pioneering for the future of the tire industry has now become a reality. Nowadays, PNEUSCAN users on four continents have been contributing to higher safety measures on the road and, at the same time, achieving lower operational expenses and in future, to remain at the cutting-edge in this field.

Here you will find the awards and milestones of our technological development. Our innovative gauging technology in continued advancement!