With PNEUSCAN the user owns a simple and comprehensive tool. The system not only saves money on proactive maintenance: it reduces breakdowns, reduces fuel consumption, lowers carbon emissions, increases tire life and improves durability. Breakdowns caused by poor tire conditions become largely a thing of the past!

The innovative technology offers:

  • Fully automated tire checks
  • Instant display and recording of all data
  • Vehicle specific assessments
  • Effective tire system management

There is no modification to vehicle or tires necessary. PNEUSCAN works independently of tire brand and manufacturer!

PNEUSCAN technology provides a fully automated and accurate alternative to manual tire checking that reduces tire costs and delivers a quick return on investment. As the vehicle drives over the sensor arrays the footprint of each tire is analysed. The data collected contains information about the load, profile and pattern of the tire. An integrated vehicle identification system tracks each vehicle by scanning its license plate or RFID tag. An additional camera allows for the tracking of trailers even when they are used with different trucks.

In seconds, tire conditions are identified and immediately allocated to the correct truck and trailer. The PNEUSCAN system unit quickly and clearly displays tire pressure and tread depth readings for each tire on the easy-to-read display. A copy of the results can be printed.

The data output can also be sent to any workstation, mobile devices and other data processing systems.

PNEUSCAN is the perfect automated solution for managing tire maintenance with the ability to monitor tire data remotely and instantly. The tire data is stored and can provide tire history for maintenance logs. In addition it can be integrate into existing fleet management systems for better tire management. The results of every tire and every vehicle of your fleet are available at the push of a button. The system provides the user with a complete database of information on every tire and every vehicle, optimizing maintenance programs, and allowing you to get the best out of your tire life and vehicle life. Results can be linked and evaluated through a tire data network across multiple locations. With PNEUSCAN, the user owns a simple, yet comprehensive, tool which helps to optimize fleet maintenance processes.

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