Application PNEUSCAN CAR


Take advantage of a reliable new technology that your service personnel will appreciate and learn to depend on!

Automated tire inspection creates added value in tire business: process-optimized workshop throughputs, capacity increase, more chassis alignments, more adjustment work, increased parts and tire sales. Not to mention other cross-selling effects.

Those who think like entrepreneurs are always also thinking about improvement and about the optimization of internal procedures and processes: what can be saved where, when and how – if possible with increased benefits? Speed and reliability are decisive competitive factors here – what can be automated? The examination and manual measurement of tire conditions – especially in seasonal peak periods – can be optimised. With PNEUSCAN.

Installed in the driveway of your company site, in a simple drive-over process, a ground-mounted sensor array detects the tire condition: tire pressure, tread depth and axle position are checked. An optical license plate recognition makes sure that the captured measurement data gets transferred to the service personnel - directly and online. So if something is wrong with the the tires, you are the first to know it – in the true sense of the word.

Before your customer steps out of his vehicle, service personnel have accurate data presented in a format that shows the exact status of the tires. As a result, you not only detect e. g. which tread depth is borderline - based on complete and reliable measurement data you can speak to your customers proactively and convince them of an advisable or urgently necessary tire change using the tread depth data of their vehicle tires.

Precise inspection results of tire pressure and tread depth serve as basis for high quality consulting at premium level. Providing this kind of premium level attention, customer ratings will quickly improve. As a result customer satisfaction and trust increases. 

The innovative technology offers:

  • Fully automated tire checks
  • Instant display and recording of all data
  • Vehicle specific assessments
  • Effective tire  management

There is no modification to vehicle or tires necessary. PNEUSCAN works independently of tire brand and manufacturer!

The data output can also be sent to

  • An outdoor or indoor display
  • Other data processing systems
  • Any facility networked computer work station
  • Mobile devices and tablets.

PNEUSCAN integrates current and historical tire data directly in the DMS and allows for tire specific trending and the management of tire-related services. Based on complete and reliable measurement data the customer can be informed about their tire status and if necessary further tire related services such as tire replacement or wheel alignments can be recommended. This not only facilitates an active sales process for tires and tire-related services accompanied with complete and accurate supporting data. PNEUSCAN also strengthens your consulting and recommendation expertise.

Besides sales increases the system saves companies time while giving them the opportunity to stand head and shoulders above others in the field. PNEUSCAN has a number of applications outside of its obvious uses and can be used for undertakings such as promotional activities and customer loyalty programs.

Many well-known companies count on us. Learn more about our references and what is achiecheved by using PNEUSCAN!

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