Application PNEUSCAN BUS


In road traffic, buses are transporting the most precious kind of "freight". These are millions of passengers who shall be transported quickly and most comfortably to their respective destinations. Service providers in pulic as well as in private passenger transport not only pay attention to aspects of efficiency and cost effectiveness. They also strive for the technically impeccable condition of the vehicles. And for this purpose, wheel and tire play a significant role.

PNEUSCAN allows just in seconds, to identify tire conditions and to optimize processes.Whether it is tire pressure, axle load or tread depth: yellow and red color coding clearly identifis critical dimensions. The service work focuses on problematic or damaged tires.

The innovative technology offers:

  • Fully automated tire checks
  • Instant display and recording of all data
  • Vehicle specific evaluations
  • Efficient tire management

There is no modification to vehicle or tires necessary. PNEUSCAN works independently of tire brand and manufacturer!

PNEUSCAN technology provides a fully automated and accurate alternative to manual tire checking. As the vehicle drives over the sensore-quipped area, each tire is analysed, detecting the pressure and tread depth of all bus tires, also twin tires. All results are related to individual vehicles by an integrated vehicle identification system.

The data output can also be sent to any workstation, mobile devices and other data processing systems.

PNEUSCAN is the perfect automatic solution for managing tire maintenance with the ability to monitor tire data remotely and instantly. The tire data is stored and can provide tire history for maintenance logs. In addition it can be integrate into existing fleet management systems for better tire management. The results of every tire and every vehicle of your fleet are available at the push of a button. The system provides the user with a complete database of information on every tire and every vehicle. Results can be linked and evaluated through a tire data network across multiple locations. With PNEUSCAN, the user owns a simple, yet comprehensive, tool which helps to optimise fleet maintenance processes.

An essential aspect of the PNEUSCAN system is its focus on safety for not the drivers, but the public as well. Breakdowns caused by poor tire conditions become largely preventable.

Many well-known companies count on us. Learn more about our references and what is achiecheved by using PNEUSCAN!

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