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Passenger safety, cost-effectiveness and sustainability are three absolute priorities for every passenger transport operation. Bus operators, such as municipal and private transport companies, want to be reliable service providers. Accidents, vehicles left behind and delays in the timetable make customers angry and harm the image.

Please read, how PNEUSCAN supports companies In the three most important aspects of the public and private transport sector.

Basler Verkehrsbetriebe, "Safe and economical with PNEUSCAN“ More...


The efficiency of the equipment is noticeable in the operating balance sheet. As there are nearly no more flat tires and as we can extend the tire life by means of real-time position changes or turning over on the rim, we have to procure fewer tires. Additionally, we are able to save fuel as we are always on the road with the correct tire pressure and tread depth. 

Jean-Claude Bucheli, Project Manager Operating Facilities, BVB Basel

Wuppertaler Stadtwerke, "Tire pressure permanently in sight" More..


We have found that the automated tire inspection system is perfect for us. PNEUSCAN operates inconspicuously and maintenance-free, we are able to save costs and eliminate the occasionally uncertain human factor.

Jürgen Falenski, Head of busworkshop, Wuppertaler Stadtwerke

Bentheimer Eisenbahn AG, "If the tires are well, than all is well" More...


On the one hand, it is important for us that we can save a lot of fuel by means to the correct pressure of the tires. On the other hand, the life expectancy of the tires increases, and, last but not least, customer satisfaction increases because we have fewer breakdowns and failures.

Hermann Thien, Manager, Bentheimer Eisenbahn AG
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