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10 years PNEUSCAN in use


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Date News
03.05.2018 PNEUSCAN suitable for Retread Sector
30.01.2018 PNEUSCAN - 10 years in use
19.01.2018 VENTECH Systems nominated for the German Brand Award 2018
12.01.2018 Rosario Bus Achieves Improvements in Tyre Pressures and Tread Depth thanks to PNEUSCAN
03.12.2017 High quality standard certified
23.11.2017 VENTECH Systems awarded
21.10.2017 Service company introduces the "Digital Vehicle Scan"
19.10.2017 New tool for improved tire management
23.08.2017 PNEUSCAN nominated for Telematics Award 2017
03.08.2017 Michelin Warns Fleets on Cost of Driving on Under-Inflated Tyres
16.06.2017 PNEUSCAN - More than just a Tire Check
01.06.2017 Conscientious Tire Control - also for trailers!
15.03.2017 PNEUSCAN - Rapid reaction force
01.12.2016 Fercam awarded for PNEUSCAN
07.10.2016 German Haulier operates PNEUSCAN in Multi-Function Service Centre
13.09.2016 Valuable Inputs for Fleet Managers from VENTECH Systems
18.08.2016 IAA World Premier: Tire inspection system PNEUSCAN as ONGROUND version
29.06.2016 Inntaler Logistik-Park (ILP) opens truck checkpoint
18.06.2016 Passenger Safety in Focus
08.05.2016 Fercam - No Tour without PNEUSCAN
15.03.2016 PNEUSCAN as your comprehensive service- and maintenance tool!
09.03.2016 How to Reduce the Burden of Tire Maintenance
04.01.2016 "Free Tire Check" expanded
03.12.2015 PepsiCo benefits from PNEUSCAN
05.11.2015 Samskip achieve Higher Performance and Fewer Breakdowns
15.06.2015 BVB Basel - Safe and economical thanks to PNEUSCAN
23.04.2015 Gruber tank logistics - Safer with PNEUSCAN
16.04.2015 Port of Rotterdam introduces the "Free Tire Check"
15.04.2015 INDUSTRIEPREIS 2015 - PNEUSCAN one of the BEST!
17.03.2015 VW Knubel - A top-class Service Tool!
05.12.2014 Mercedes Benz - Optimized service process
12.11.2014 Spedition Kuebler - Control means Safety.
18.10.2014 Wuppertaler Stadtwerke - Tire pressure permanently in sight
01.08.2014 Freight forwarder Ruedinger - Investment in Efficiency and Safety
31.01.2014 Bentheimer Eisenbahn AG - If the tires are well, then all is well
23.01.2014 Freight forwarder Limpens - Convinced of PNEUSCAN