Automated tire checking done within seconds!


Safety, efficiency and environmental commitment are the main focus when it comes to the use of vehicles and the main criteria when it comes to tires of trucks, cars, vans, buses or utility vehicles.

PNEUSCAN offers the unique, multi-awarded solution of a stationary, tire inspection system that gives results from day one. The advantages are obvious. It is cost-efficient, offers a high level of safety standards and is time-saving. There is no necessity for any adjustment neither on the vehicle nor the tires. The system can be used indoors and outdoors.


We provide users of our PNEUSCAN system all vehicle and tire data, using a standard interface. Gauge results such as tire pressure, tire tread, axle load or overall vehicle weight are linked with a timestamp and the vehicle’s registry number – or RFID tagging. These are then fed into a database, and thereby allowing a systematic analysis.

Andreas Pietsch, Business Manager, VENTECH Systems GmbH

Tires are checked fast-paced and with precision by simply driving over the PNEUSCAN equipment. The system consists of five modules, namely: tire pressure, tread depth, axle load check, vehicle identification, and data management. The components of a typical PNEUSCAN systems engineering are the sensor’s reading area, the vehicle identification unit, the signaling device, the system unit with switch panel and output devices. An array of accessories and software features complete the product range available.

As the vehicle passes over the sensor’s reading area, tire pressures and tread depths are analyzed within seconds. Moreover, PNEUSCAN provides axle load data information. The results are assigned to the vehicle by means of the integrated vehicle identification and shown in a monitor outside the driver’s cabin and the data are recorded accordingly. The data management system allows further analysis and ensures efficient tire management.

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