PNEUSCAN as a servicetool


Tire dealers are increasingly offering vehicle services and, conversely, car-dealerships are developing their tire business.

For all of them PNEUSCAN provides the perfect support. The tire inspection system opens up new opportunities for sales growth in tire business and for process optimization in the service sector.

Process optimization

Those who think like entrepreneurs are always also thinking about improvement and about the optimization of internal procedures and processes: what can be saved where, when and how – if possible with increased benefits? Speed and reliability are decisive competitive factors here – what can be automated?

The examination and manual measurement of tire conditions – especially in seasonal peak periods – can be optimised. With PNEUSCAN. The process time can be reduced and the contribution margin can be increased by additional tire sales as the result of increased capacity. As a result, PNEUSCAN not only saves personnel, it also optimises the use of valuable resources in the true sense of the word.

The tire inspection by means of laser and sensor technology is made really easy when using PNEUSCAN. By mere crossing of the ground mounted sensors in the driveway to the premises, the tire conditions are evaluated instantly: tire pressures and tread depths are checked. Before the customer arrives at the service desk, the complete report of the tire conditions is made available to the service personnel. Based on complete and reliable measurement data the customer can now be informed about his tire status and if necessary further tire related services like a tire replacement might be recommended.

The system can be integrated into your workflow in a way that your service personnel can react to pressing tire issues immediately as well as generate periodic reports and long-term analysis. An interface to the dealer management system allows a precise control of the tire management. This way e. g. the overall costs of tire warehousing can be reduced significantly.

Increased sales in service

Meet your sales and service goals by informing your customer about the most critical tires right at the first meeting. More adjustment work, increased parts and tire sales - is all possible thanks to PNEUSCAN.

Every customer vehicle crosses PNEUSCAN´s sensors - no matter whether the customer wants to be informed about the latest models, buy motor oil or comes for a vehicle inspection. PNEUSCAN inspects the tires of all of those customers. The results will be sent to you, before the customer has even set foot into your company. Tire conditions can be displayed and further proceedings discussed. The customer in turn gets a plus of service and safety. A real win-win situation!

Low profile depths as well as tire pressure deviations are key contributors to tire replacements needs. Under normal circumstances the tire pressures on one and the same axle should be fairly similar. A divergence of a tire pressure to the other ones is a valid indicator for a tire issue. Studies have shown, that only about half of the tires with issues are deteced during the regular service process. By using PNEUSCAN you can increase that percentage significantly, impress your customers, establish long-term relations and raise additional tire sales potential.

PNEUSCAN strengthens your consulting and recommendation expertise

Car drivers want to drive worry-free. Therefore, they are looking for safety and reliability. And trust you as an expert.

Installed in the driveway of your company site, PNEUSCAN already automatically measures the tire data of customer vehicles driving in and provides you with the results per tire and axis immediately. Therefore it makes a financial contribution to customer orientation and process optimization. As a result, you not only detect which tire pressure or tread depth is borderline – you can speak to your customers proactively and convince them of an advisable or urgently necessary tire change using the tread depth data of their vehicle tires.

Wether it is yourself, the single customer, the fleet operator, even the "passers-by" - all benefit from PNEUSCAN. For your customers, this means road safety and lower fuel consumption. For you it means an improved image and increased sales. All automatically.


Especially at dealerships and workshops the connection to the DMS is - for many - an important requirement. PNEUSCAN integrates current and historical tire data into the DMS and allows tire specific trends as well as targeted management of tire-related services.

For multi-brand dealerships, a brand-specific data handling by means of PNEUSCAN DAT pool management is also possible.

Besides sales increase, time saving advantages and the opportunity to stand head and shoulders above the competition, PNEUSCAN can be used for promotional activities and customer loyalty programs.

Don‘t miss an opportunity to sell more tires, tire related services and provide for your customers‘ immediate needs! Contact us today! We can arrange a presentation to your team and show you how quickly you can increase tire sales for your business.