Comprehensive service and maintenance tool

The company VENTECH Systems offers PNEUSCAN - a unique solution to automated tire inspection. Fleet management companies, public and private transport companies as well as tire retailers and dealerships use this system as a unique service and maintenance tool. The system is easily integrated into operational procedures.

Key benefits of the system include fuel saving due to improved rolling resistance of properly inflated tires, the timely capture of punctures and the efficient management of tire wear.

PNEUSCAN technology provides a fully automated and accurate alternative to manual tire checking. It reduces tire costs and holds a quick return on investment. By means of automation, tire conditions are recognized in seconds and processes can be optimized. Über mehrere Standorte hinweg können die Ergebnisse durch ein Reifen-Datennetzwerk zentral verknüpft und überwacht werden. Die Daten ermöglichen eine gezielte Steuerung des Räder- und Reifenmanagements.

You receive an uncomplicated, yet comprehensive system, which offers a decisive added value in the data collection, use and management. The versatile tire inspection system PNEUSCAN does not require any modification on tires or vehicles

Managing your own fleet tires? In need of added value to your services? PNEUSCAN holds advantages for all kinds of purposes:

PNEUSCAN as a maintenance tool | PNEUSCAN as a service tool

NOTE: PNEUSCAN initiates a process of tire inspection, which inevitably leads to a more sustainable use of resources: It leads to fuel savings and thus to the reduction of the CO2 emissions.

Approximately 33 % of the passenger cars are in Germany on the road with an incorrect tire inflation pressure. That equals over 608,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which would be avoidable with regular tire inflation pressure measurement and adjustment.

PNEUSCAN your tires!