PNEUSCAN - 10 years in use

It was 10 years ago, in January 2008, when the first bus depots were officially equipped with PNEUSCAN.

“Measuring technology from Germany ensures safety and energy efficiency” was one of the first titles to introduce an innovative product that still today is one of its kind.

It was 10 years ago, in January 2008, when the first bus depots were officially equipped with PNEUSCAN. At that time the system measured tire pressure for about 1,400 busses and companies started benefitting from this process optimization by time savings, increased safety and reduced fuel consumption. A few months later PNEUSCAN from VENTECH was awarded with the Innovation Award 2008 at the trade fair “REIFEN” in Germany, highlighting the innovation potential.


“The jury considers the PNEUSCAN ATM system to be groundbreaking for the future of the tire industry."

May 2008, Federal Association of Tire Dealers and Vulcanizers

And the rest is history…

Everyone knows Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, founders of the world's most successful software companies. There is one thing, they have in common: The basic idea and the first attempts at walking took place in a small garage.

Being overtaken by a car with a speed of about 180 km/h, in which suddenly a tire loosened and rolled next to his own car, the innovator of what we refer to today as PNEUSCAN, felt like being in a movie. So some innovations can be traced back to an initial spark, to a situation in which it suddenly "clicks". And that was it. Thankfully everything went smoothly, but for the measuring technician it was clear that he had to develop something to prevent those incidents. After several tests with silicone and plastic syringes, the first sensor was developed in a small garage. The most important principle was: "Do not install anything in the vehicle!" The first test crossings took place on the small street in front of his house. And there it was: Tire inspection without getting your fingers dirty - with the help of science and a persistent technician, it became a marketable innovation.

What was considered in the past as pioneering for the future of the tire industry has become a today's reality. The PNEUSCAN stationary tire inspection system has been successfully launched on the international market. ‘Made in Germany’ with the highest quality components, a unique modular system and innovative expertise – there is nothing comparable in the world. PNEUSCAN users on four continents have been contributing to higher safety measures on the road and, at the same time, achieving lower operational expenses and in future, to remain at the cutting-edge in this field. And the demand is growing…

Simply world class.

Nowadays, the system has much more to offer than just the tire pressure measurement when it was first launched. PNEUSCAN has redefined process-optimized tire inspection technology when it comes to safety and economic efficiency. It offers the unique, multi-awarded solution of a stationary, tire inspection system that consists of five modules, namely: tire pressure, tread depth, axle load check, vehicle identification, and data management. The data management system allows further analysis and ensures efficient tire management.

Key benefits of the system include fuel saving due to improved rolling resistance of properly inflated tires, the timely capture of punctures and the efficient management of tire wear allowing proactive maintenance and long-term tire replacement planning. Furthermore, tire safety problems are identified more rapidly and in advance. The fact that the driver and fleet manager can see both tire pressures and weights at the time the vehicle was driven over the plate can also be helpful in helping assure the optimum distribution of load across the axles.

VENTECH Systems has become the world market leader in the area of stationary tire inspection systems with unparalleled technology. Its product PNEUSCAN is a multi-awarded high-tech solution - developed, produced and installed locally and internationally with premium quality components manufactured with German expertise. Many well-known companies count on the proven technology today. For ten years now, it has served as service and maintenance application among others by freight forwarders, car dealers, tire dealers and service shops, public and private bus companies as well as in fleet management – all with the simplest integrative steps to meet their industrial process requirements.

PNEUSCAN offers a high degree of customer value and contributes considerably to reduced CO2 emission and more safety on the road. Road safety is neither a niche nor a market but a concern for society as a whole with political determination and of highest priority. VENTECH Systems supports this determination by pioneering developments through automated analysis of tire conditions… and is ready for the next step of evolution taking it into the following decade.